This site is started by a couple who loves and owns Syrian hamsters. We have had a total of 7 Syrian hamsters as our little friends over the years. We started this site to document the lives of our little furry buddies, together with pictures and videos of them so we can always remember them.

Every now and then, we may have hamsters or hamster-related items for sale. These will be under the “For Sale” section.
Disclaimer: We do not breed hamsters for sale. We will only have hamsters for sale if someone has asked us to assist in the sale of their hamsters, or if we want our hamsters to have a next generation.

We have intentions to start making DIY hamster cages and accessories for sale. If you have any suggestions or any DIY hamster stuffs you’ve seen and like, do not hesitate to send them in to us. šŸ™‚



1. Fluffy

2. Fluffy Jr. (Fluffy’s Grandson)

3. Cocoa

4. Oreo

5. Dodo

6. Brownie (Oreo & Dodo’s Daughter)

7. Goldie (Oreo & Dodo’s Son)



It all started several years ago when someone gave Fluffy to us after finding him by the road side. We gave him a home and took good care of him, and eventually formed a bond with the little guy. Fluffy was tame, responsive, and just a joy to have around.

It was only after a while that we found out that the person who gave Fluffy to us have met the owner of Fluffy. At that time, the owner said we could keep Fluffy, as he already had too many hamsters to take care of.

A couple of years later, after the passing of Fluffy, the ex-owner gave us a pup. He told us that the pup is the grandson of Fluffy, hence, we named him Fluffy Jr. Ever since then, we’ve not stopped keeping hamsters as our friends at home.


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