Cocoa is a female long-coated Syrian hamster, and is fully gold in colour. She was about 7 weeks old when we bought her from the local pet store.

Cocoa has a tendency to cry loudly when she is afraid of something or in pain. When we first saw her at the pet store, she stood out right away as she was the only golden coloured hamster in the tanks. The store keeper scooped her out of the tank and put her in a small cage so we could get a better look at her. This was when she started crying loudly and just wouldn’t stop. Only after we spoke to her in a soft and comforting tone did she finally calm down. She just looked at us with those bright innocent eyes and we knew we must bring her home. Even at home when we put her in her new tank, she wouldn’t stop crying unless we speak to her in an assuring voice.

This trait persists even after she is a fully grown adult. One time as she was gnawing on one of her chewing toys, her tooth got stuck deep in the toy. She immediately started crying until we eased her to slowly free herself from the toy.

Cocoa is extremely interactive with humans. She always gets excited when people carry her out to play. Unlike most hamsters that run around on their own once they’re out of their housing, Cocoa will continue to look for you to carry her and play with her.  She has gotten used to our daily routines and schedules. She knows around what time will we be back home from work, and she’ll be waiting on the platform on the second floor by the gate. Sometimes, if we get home slightly later than usual, we’ll see her sleeping by the gate. If we’re busy and cannot carry her out to play, she might fall asleep waiting by the gate.

Cocoa is obedient, responsive and listens to simple instructions. When we call her name, she will look around for us, and will even come back to us if she’s out running. When she climbs too high and we tell her to come back down, she will slowly come back down. She will go to sleep if we ask her to, and will also stop gnawing on the cage in the middle of the night if we tell her that it’s too loud. Other simple instructions she listens to include standing on her hind legs, nodding her head, and shaking her head.

Cocoa is cheerful at all times and has no temper. She looks like she is smiling all the time, and she is always happy and excited to see us.

A funny characteristic of Cocoa is that she is a hoarder. She likes to bring items that she finds lying around back home. To date, she has brought things like newspaper cuttings, napkins, buttons, rubber bands, and several other small items home.

View the gallery of Cocoa’s pictures below.


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