Fluffy Jr

Fluffy Jr was a male short-coated Syrian hamster. He was a white-banded hamster, meaning he had a brown head, white body and brown behind. He was about 5 weeks old when we first met him. We were just grieving over the passing of Fluffy when he was given to us by Fluffy’s ex-owner. Our first meeting with Fluffy Jr was certainly memorable. He was like a fake hamster, remaining statue like when he saw us approaching, not daring to move an inch, as if we would not realise his being.

Fluffy Jr’s character traits might be the funniest of all the hamsters we’ve ever seen and kept yet. Some of the more obvious quirks he has are listed below.

1. Detail to cleanliness. He will always lift up his rear end when he pees so that he will not step on or let his fur touch his urine.

2. Shy. No matter how badly he needs to pee, he will not pee if there is someone watching. He will keep holding it in as long as he can.

3. Troubled look. He always looks like he has something on his mind. He can daydream at the same spot for up to 15 minutes without moving, even if we call him.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He has a very specific way of arranging his things in his home. For example, his bed will always be in the same corner of the cage, his food will always be in the same corner, and in the same order (oats always at the bottom). If we touch his food or rearrange anything within his home, he will know and will start arranging everything exactly the way they were before. He will repeat this no matter how many times we try rearranging his things.

5. Vegetarian. He loves to eat his greens, but won’t even touch worms, shrimps or the tiny fishes in the food packs.

View the gallery of Fluffy Jr’s pictures below.


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