Oreo is a female long-coated Syrian hamster, with shades of gray, brown, and white on a black coat of fur. She was about 7 weeks old when we bought her from the local pet store. She has since been a mother to 6 pups born on 26th January 2014, all of which survived and are healthy.

Oreo has many nicknames due to some of the distinct characteristics that she carries.
1. La Ba Ku (Mandarin for “Ali Baba Pants”) – given due to the fur on her hind legs when she is standing
2. Xiao Pang Pang (Mandarin for “Little Fatty”) – given because she is rather small in size for a Syrian hamster, but has quite a lot of meat and fats
3. Earhole – given due to a tiny hole in her ear ever since she was young, making her look as if she has a ear hole for accessories
4. Black Bear – given due to the shape of her face when she was young, especially since she’s mostly black

View the gallery of Oreo’s pictures below.


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